The Sweet Life - Sweet Shop and Custom Cakes
Picking Up and Transporting Your Cake
     We will do our absolute best to prepare and sturdy your cake for transport. Below are a few helpful hints for travelling with your creation so that it arrives in great shape!
** Make sure you have a flat surface in your vehicle to carry your cake. Car seats, floorboards, trunks, and laps are NOT recommended! SUV's, minivans, station wagons are best.
** Keep your car a bit cooler than usual. Remember: cake and icing get extremely soft in warm environments. Avoid placing your cake in direct sunlight.
**Make sure that picking up your cake/cupcakes is your LAST stop before heading home/to the party. The less time your cake spends travelling around, the better!  We don't recommend leaving them in a parked, warm car if even for a few minutes.
**Try to avoid sudden stops, jerky starts, and bumpy routes during transport. Take turns/curves a bit slower than usual. It's best to give yourself a few extra minutes of travel time!

**You know who likes cake?? Our 4-legged friends!! Consider leaving your favorite furry friends at home for this errand....

**Once you arrive at your destination, your cake can be stored at room temperature in the box until your ready to set up for your event. We recommend that you DO NOT REFRIGERATE fondant cakes. Humid environments (even in the fridge) can cause fondant to soften and ruin decorations.

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